August 21, 2018 - Atlanta Tech Village

Best Conference Ever


August 21, 2018

9:00am - 5:00pm


Atlanta Tech Village



Floor plan, lunch information and schedule to be announced soon.

THINK: super-cool tech conference meets BarCamp meets pitch session meets real estate.

THINK: not your average real estate conference.

THINK: cutting-edge, top-notch speakers from around the country

With 26+ national and local speakers confirmed for BCE, our second year is promising to be a fast-paced, out-of-the-box, awesome learning experience for attendees, sponsors, and speakers alike. Click here to meet our cadre of speakers!

We are also thrilled to announce that we have just confirmed an Association Executive Track, which will feature three to four sessions geared specifically towards AEs.

You can also follow us on Facebook where we will be featuring our sponsors and sessions along with ticket information.


Lee Adkins, David Lightburn, Maura Neill — Best Conference Ever

Meet the speakers

Arathi Ramappa

Certified Executive Coach, Certified Spiritual Life Coach

Ben Bressington

Founder and CEO for HelloAlex

Chris Donaldson

REALTOR®, broker, real estate speaker

Dave Fulk

Co-Founder and COO for HelloAlex

Jay Thompson

REALTOR®, Former Director of Industry Outreach for Zillow Group

Jeremy Blanton

REALTOR®, Speaker, Social Media Consultant

Kara McDonald

Real Estate Marketing Consultant, Vice President at Pruitt Title, LLC

Laurie Weston Davis

REALTOR®, Internet Marketing and Social Media/Tech Trainer, Speaker and Geeky!

Lee Adkins

REALTOR®, Growth and Leadership Development, Amplified Solutions

Leighton Dees

REALTOR®, Chairman & CEO at Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate | Generations

Maura Neill

REALTOR®, Speaker, Resident Birthday Girl

Rett Harmon

REALTOR®, Speaker, Social Media Consultant

Rob Hahn

Owner at 7DS Associates

Sloane Rhoden

REALTOR® at Brik Realty

Stephanie Shaw

REALTOR®, Speaker, Broker/Owner at Latter & Blum Shaw Properties

Steve Jolly

REALTOR®, Broker/Owner at Benchmark Realty

Ricky Carruth

REALTOR® at RE/MAX of Orange Beach   

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Chris Donaldson
Say What!? Effective Consumer Communication in the Digital Age

Solo session

While once viewed as just part of the job, the digital revolution has transformed human communication massively in a brief period of time. We no longer send letters and wait for responses, now you might be expected to know the context of a simple emoji! 

Say what?! To best perform your duties and obligations as real estate professionals, real estate pros need to communicate effectively in a wide variety of mediums. 

This session offers background information, insights into consumer sentiment, and tangible strategies for better communication during all stages of a real estate transaction. 

Laurie Weston Davis
Building a Team: The Why and How

Solo session

Teams are all the rage -- do you really need one? We’ll cover:

- What is a team? 

- At what point should I think about starting a team? 

- How should a team be structured? 

- Are there rules? 

- What if I don't want a team? 

Dave Fulk & 
Benjamin Bressington
How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Real Estate

Solo session

The Real Estate Industry is changing... Are you ready? 

Dave Fulk
Broadcast vs. Engagement Marketing


How do you engage your leads and clients to make it seem like you are everywhere. Positioning you as the agent to work with every time they turn around

Dave Fulk
What You Need to Know About Human Behavior BEFORE You Spend Money on Marketing


Learn how to dominate your clients mindshare getting the highest ROI on your marketing dollars.

Rett Harmon
Using REALTOR® ADHD As Your Superpower

Solo session

Believe it or not realtors with ADHD have a competitive advantage if they learn how to channel this ability. Many of us were gifted with ADHD our whole life. Some have been diagnosed, and some are self diagnosed. Learn tips and tricks on how to embrace your ADHD, and learn how it can give you the competitive edge needed to sell more real estate.

Sloane Rhoden
Get Over It and Hit Record

Solo session

Everyone is saying "video is the next big thing," but it’s a scary, unprecedented world out there. Are you WANTING to get into video marketing and not sure how to take the plunge? Join my no frills and no BS take on how to get YOU in front of the camera.

Sloane Rhoden
Video Round-Up


Think-tank format for sharing, creating, and collaborating different ideas and ways to use video your day-to-day life.

Arathi Ramappa
Get Over It and Hit Record


Whether they are entrepreneurs or professionals, your attendees will learn how to deal with stressful situations that come up in their work life. The workshop starts with giving data from three different research studies that prove having a certain mindset at work will make your business more successful and will help you become a better leader. No matter what type of position they hold, this workshop will help people change their perspective and develop a mindset that gets them through difficult moments that occur in business. These strategies will help attendees create clarity, deal with conflict, find confidence, build trust, and develop a positive attitude. 

Leighton Dees
A Check-Up For Your Business

Solo session

Make sure you have all the right parts for an effective & efficient business.

Leighton Dees
Next-Level Time Management for REALTORS®


The complete breakdown for staying on top of your game.

Jay Thompson
Haters Gonna Hate! Brand Reputation in Today’s World

Solo session

It can take years to build a brand, and only seconds to destroy it. Learn how to monitor brand mentions, respond to trolls, cultivate brand ambassadors and generally survive in the high-speed online world of today.

Stephanie Shaw
Head and Heart Alignment


The workshop creates awareness regarding time management & priorities. It also delves into success and what that looks like. Success may not necessarily be a completion of tasks.

Steve Jolly
How To Thrive in a Market Dominated by Modern Discount Brokers & iBuyers

Solo session

Many experts think that advances in technology will get rid of 35% of all real estate agents within 5 years. Those who survive will have learned to focus on the one thing that technology can't replace, relationships. And those who thrive will have learned to position themselves as the local expert. In this session, we will learn best ways to build trust and authority with your prospects, even if you have never met them in person. 

Kara MacDonald
The Power in Knowing Your Ideal Client 

Solo session

 In this session, I will walk the audience through The Avatar System I created for real estate agents. This system helps agents identify their ideal client. Once you know WHO you're "talking" to, the way you communicate changes tremendously. You will be amazed at the creativity that is unleashed once I take you through this system.

Lindsay Trinkle
Why Landing Pages Are a Game Changer in Real Estate 


Running your real estate business without landing pages is kind of like dropping your clients off in the middle of a neighborhood and hoping they make their way to the right house.  

 This probably isn’t the first time you have heard that you need landing pages to grow your real estate business. In this workshop, we will dive into the WHY and HOW of landing pages, giving you actionable insight that you can start using to increase your leads right away. 



Atlanta Tech Village

3423 Piedmont Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30305

(404) 445-1525

Atlanta Tech Village is located in the heart of Buckhead at the corner of Lenox and Piedmont Road.

Enter and check-in

Enter Atlanta Tech Village on the 1st floor, either at the glass double doors at front entrance on Piedmont Rd, or through the double glass doors inside the parking deck.


Option 1:  Use the Prominence Building for parking

Located underneath the Wells Fargo building on Lenox Rd across Atlanta Tech Village.

Please check out this link to see directions and towards the bottom, you will find a map to the parking area.

Option 2:  Tower Place 200 garage 

3348 Peachtree Rd NE, Atlanta Ga 30326

Located next to the DoubleTree Hotel and the little park. The daily parking rates are $3.00 every half hour with a maximum of $15.00 for less than 12 hours.

Public Transportation (MARTA)

Atlanta Tech Village is easily accessible from the airport via MARTA train at the Buckhead Stop.


HOTEL Prices subject to change

Hampton Inn Atlanta-Buckhead

3398 Piedmont Rd NE Atlanta, GA 30305

$109.00 (Kings & Doubles)

(404) 233-5656 

Call to get special event rates:

Tell them you are with Atlanta Tech Village


Client ID: 0003073252

Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott in Buckhead

3092 Piedmont Road Atlanta, GA 30305

$109 (Kings & Doubles) or $129 (King Studio Suite)

(800) 834-7015

Call to get special event rates:

Make reservations and request the Atlanta Tech Village rate. Rates include breakfast, internet, and a free shuttle (Monday – Friday)

Intercontinental Buckhead

3315 Peachtree Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30326

$205.00 for deluxe accommodations during the week and $155.00 for the weekends

(877) 834-3613

Call to get special event rates:

Call  and reference the “Neighborhood Rate” for Atlanta Tech Village

Spring Hill Suites by Marriott (the hotel right behind the Village)

3459 Buckhead Loop NE, Atlanta, GA 30326

$152 and includes breakfast and internet.

(404) 844-4800

Call to get special event rates:

Ask for the Atlanta Tech Village rate using code 0VG.

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